Holy Trinity Sameba Catherdral - the main Georgian Christian Orthodox cathedral, it is the largest religious building not only in Georgia but in the region of South Caucasus, and is listed among the largest Orthodox churches in the world. The cathedral was constructed between 1995 and 2004, as a "symbol of the Georgian national and spiritual revival".

Metekhi church 13th c presents one of the most important architectural monuments of old Tbilisi.

Narikala Fortress 4th c dominates the Old Town as a most impressive architectural landmark. With its inaccessible slopes, the fortress served as a main fortification and defended the city for centuries.

waterfall - “Fig Ravine”

Funicular–railway tram

Rike Park aerial cable Car 

Sulphur Bath houses -the healing natural warm water have been praised by numerous travelers who visited the city.

Meidan square & Shardeni street neibourghood-famous for cozy cafes, bars, restaurants, souvenirs‘ shops, picture galleries.

Caravanserai (Tbilisi History Museum): The Museum collection contains unique objects weapons and household accessories starting from the Bronze Age.

The Bridge of Peace is the modern pedestrian glassy bridge in Old Town.

Anchiskhati Basilica 6th c is one of the oldest churches of Tbilisi. The first foundation dates back to 4th c and is associated with the adoption of Christianity in Georgia.

Mtatsminda: “The Holy Mountain” is at the altitude of 729 m above the sea level, with a leading position over the city. Near the Saint David’s church there is a pantheon of famous Georgian public figures. Above the Holy Mtatsminda mountain there is a park overlooking the city, with nice attractions for children, and different types of restaurants for adults. There is special tram that drives passengers to the park

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