In this one-day tour you will visit the most mysterious sights of Georgia – the city of Uplistsikhe, and finish travel to Gori where Joseph Stalin was born

 Tour description:

On the way we will visit Uplistsikhe caves town - one of the oldest places in the Caucasus, which were founded in the Bronze Age. Uplistsikhe first was mentioned in the annals of I century BC. i. e. history of the town was full and ambiguous - it has experienced several ups and downs and finally was abandoned in the XIX century. The city is known for its unique rooms, tunnels, rooms and many others. After the adoption of Christianity in Georgia, were built several churches. For centuries it served as the royal center and commercial crossroads Kartli.

Gori – the city in East Georgia – one of the oldest cities of Georgia founded by the king David the builder. The name of  the city comes from rocky hill (goraki) in the downtown where ancient Gori Fortress were located

Price includes:
*  Comfortable transport
*  Professional guide
*  Tour insurance
* Water throughout tour
*Tickets to Uplistsikhe
* Tickets Stalin Museum 

person - 150 

persons – 140 

persons - 110$  

persons - 90 

persons - 800$  

persons - 70$